Most Americans have never travelled outside of the United States of America.


Most Americans travel within the United States and when they do they predominantly go to tourists attractions that are home to things that are not ideginous to the United States. One such place that enjoys the highest number of visitors is the zoo.


Seeing an animal in the zoo and seeing it in its natural environment are two totally different experiences. Most people yearn to see the animals in the wild but think they can’t. South Africa as a country and Africa as a whole is the world’s number 1 travel destination for wildlife.


Use zoos to connect global visitors to African wildlife tourist destinations where the very animal they’re visiting the zoo to see in their own, exists in large numbers in its natural African habitat.


Introducing Foxtrotter. A web-based augmented reality tool that partners with zoos to drive tourism of African wildlife tourist destinations by linking the visitors to American/Chinese/European zoos to places in Africa where the animals exist in the wild.

U.S Visitation of Zoos

Over 181 million annual visitors (more visitors than NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB annual attendance combined)


Accredited zoos contributed more than $22.5 billion to U.S. economy in 2018 Because this is a global insight, this solution is scalable.

Global Market Growth

Global travel is growing at 4% every year. In the next 10yrs travel to Africa will predominantly come from US, Europe and Asia. Outbound travel from China projected to grow at 7%